Turning complex
things simple

Download K2BTools 11 and empower your
GeneXus applications even further.  

Build your ​​​​​​GeneXus applications automatically

Generating “Real Business Applications”.

K2BTools allows automating of application development with GeneXus while dramatically reducing development time and application complexity.

Using Patterns technology, K2B Tools enables development teams to reach higher levels of productivity.


For the Businesses

Change the way in which projects are scaled and attain increased return and profitability with less effort and reduced risks.

  • Increased profitability and competitiveness.
  • Fewer risks.

For the Projects

Order the design and solve the generation of the UI and the UX automatically. Speed up development exponentially and focus testing on business rules to release high-quality products.

  • More functionality in less time.
  • Enhanced quality of products delivered.
  • Shorter learning curve for team members.

For the Applications

You may quickly achieve applications suited to the market’s demands such as a good user experience, the interface necessary for specific business needs, Responsive, and applications that cover all cyber security requirements.

  • Richer interfaces.
  • Higher application quality.
  • Integration of best security practices.
  • Well-designed, scalable applications.


Historias de Éxito
  • Pablo Grattarola

    Manager Macromercado

    “Con K2B Tools le dimos una identidad a los desarrollos internos de la empresa.”
  • Darío Rubén

    Presidente SIE Argentina

    “Migramos en 3 días todos un sistema ERP (16.792 objetos) a Responsive, imposible imaginarlo sin K2BTools.”
  • Diego Orellana


    “K2BTools es una herramienta que innova, fueron los primeros en poner Responsive, WebPanel Designer, la evolución es constante.”

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