We have released a new version: K2BAudit 8.0!

K2BAudit is a transparent solution which boosts the process of auditing database modifications. The new version, 8.0, had considerable improvements.

Based on the experience of our users, we continue working to offer a better product.

New features
  • Support for DB2 Universal Database.
  • Views regarding active and archived auditing records.
  • It is no longer necessary to process the auditing records in order to analyze them.
  • Support for UTC dates in the auditing records.

  • The initialization script is no longer executed from GeneXus. This avoids, for example, having to install 32-bit drivers in the development machine.
  • Improvements of up to 50% in the archiving process.
  • New homepage for the Audit Analyzer. It is a quicker and easier access to the data and auditing tasks.

  • Support for the Schema property in SQL Server.
  • Error in thread cross-operation when executing “Create audit triggers” if “Manage Audited Transactions” is open.
  • Some strings which should not be left to be translated did not have an exclamation symbol before the starting comma.
  • Error when saving an instance of Entity Services after adding a History Component.

Click here to download this version.

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