About K2BTools

K2BTools comprises an I+D team specialized in building tools for the automation of best development practices, with the inclusion of innovative technology in GeneXus applications. The mission of K2BTools is to offer tools that enable enhanced productivity, quality and conceptual integrity for applications.

K2BTools consolidates expertise in the development of large-scale solutions for companies such as K2B and GeneXus Consulting, among other enterprises of the GeneXus Community that resort to K2BTools for the development of all their applications.

About K2B

K2B is a company dealing with the development of cyber solutions for administrative, budget and accounting management that comprises a world-class ERP and solutions of various industries. Its mission is to provide integrated high-technology solutions to consolidate varied corporate operational visions with the possibility of attaining enhanced performance and a significant competitive status.

As a member company in the group, K2B centralizes the technological support of GeneXus and the knowledge of GeneXus Consulting, in combination with its 20-year experience in the IT sector.  


Our pillars

"Today we have an excellent UX, close to the most advanced Design Systems. It allow us to save a lot of development time but also incorporate knowledge that developers do not have. With K2BTools we set ourselves the goal of helping them to evolve their user experience."

Karina Santo


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