K2BTools provides all customers with aided support services.
These services are available to all members of who are registered as customers and with active maintenance.

  • Support mechanism

    We have our own application for recording incidents and doing a follow-up.

    To use it correctly, you must send an email to or access the portal from this link. To access support via the Web, it will be necessary to have an Atlassian user with a password. You can sign up here

    Note: the support as a service must be activated. The acquisition of the tools implies a warranty period of active maintenance. A renewal is required following the expiry of such period. Should you have any doubts in this respect, please contact your sales agent.

    Remote Aid:

    To speed up the resolution of the incident, it is possible to coordinate to have remote assistance, and use other tools such as Teams, Goolge Meets or TeamViewer. Coordination is done within the same support incident.

     Access new versions, upgrades or patches:

    All versions of K2B Tools are published in the GeneXus Marketplace, with the possibility of download from that site. Additionally, in the event of a specific error, the K2B Tools support time will provide you with a setup to solve that particular problem.

    If you have any doubts or queries, contact us here.
  • License Request

    Licenses are requested by executing the Licence Manager that is part of the group of Tools programs, or directly from the GeneXus IDE. The request must be made with the GXTechnical Web User.

    Once the licenses have been requested, you will be authorized to enter incidents and to receive technical and functional support.

    For further information on the request of K2BTools licenses, go here.
  • Agent

    The agents of K2BTools have a commitment to assistance for indicating the best procedure to be followed.

    They are trained to offer specialized consultancy services. The agents section includes all agents duly trained to offer such services.

K2BTools support

To use the support service you must access
to the Issue Tracking