K2BTools Web

A set of tools that automate the development of
GeneXus applications.

Patterns and Extensions

K2BTools Web consists of a series of patterns and extensions that increase productivity for the development of web applications with GeneXus. 
By using patterns, developers solve a significant number of the application’s interfaces at a very low cost. 


Create complex web panels fast and easily and obtain applications with a very good user experience with low costs.

UX and User Experience

UI with great usability, fully flexible and customizable.

and Functionalities

  • Patterns for the automation of organizational maintenance.

  • Pattern for the generation of menus and for loading them automatically.

  • Different forms of Work with.

  • Variety of filter modes generated automatically with high searching power.

  • Creation of complex interfaces with WebPanelDesigner.

  • Integration with services.

  • Generation of Responsive applications.

  • Code generated with the best security practices.


  • Free

    License free of charge with no time or functionality restrictions.
    This license allows the creation of applications with K2BTools, with the possibility of generating 20 instances for each pattern and 20 web panels with WebPanelDesigner  

  • ISV

    License at a low cost for users of GeneXus ISV.
    Yearly license with limited support.

  • Standard

    Standard license with no expiry
    Access to using web pattern and WebPanelDesigner
    Unlimited support during maintenance coverage.