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The component that allows you to integrate
video calls into any GeneXus application.


CallYou is a product that is completely independent from any GeneXus development tool. It has the necessary components to integrate video calls into your Web or SD project, thus adding considerable value when improving the user’s experience with the application.
It uses service providers which integrate with all of the required protocols and provide security for the transmitted information. These are Jitsi and Twilio.
It is a solution with an affordable price which facilitates the possibility of incorporating it into any company. Above all, the integration is very fast and easy.


  • Group calls, meetings and video calls in different rooms.

  • Video calls in 2 different formats: Open Source and SaaS.

  • Available for web applications and native, smart-device applications.

  • Adaptable to the needs of every company.

  • Designed and optimized to work on GeneXus developments.

  • Round-the-clock technical support.

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The component to integrate video calls
into any GeneXus application.