K2B Audit

An empowering transparent solution
for the auditing process of changes
to the database

K2B Audit is the preferred auditing
solution of  GeneXus users.

A solution to audit changes made in the data of GeneXus applications,
where changes to the database are audited directly.

With over ten years in the market, K2BAudit has been the tool that users resort to for auditing
their applications and obtain valuable information for the systems’ security. 
  • What has been modified?

  • Who made the changes?

  • When were the changes made?

Application with predefined queries for exploit Web of data generated.

K2BAudit includes an app that enables users to promptly exploit the data audited. The application called K2B Audit Analyzer includes some already-created queries to monitor information.

Some of the queries include operations carried out (Updates, Inserts, Deletes) with information on the app’s user that performs an operation, or queries regarding the application’s data in order to find out, for example, who modified a specific data, with the history of operations in relation to that data.

and Functionalities

  • Extension for new queries.

  • Data exploitation application. 

  • Conditional audit of operations.

  • Details on the user of the application are obtained.


  • Free

    License free of charge with no time or functionality restrictions.  

    This license allows for the audit of up to five tables.

  • Standard

    Standard License with no expiry.

    Access to the use of K2B Audit Unlimited support during maintenance coverage.