We have released K2BTOOLS 15!

The latest version of K2BTools is now available, designed to make life easier for GeneXus developers and improve the UX for end users!

K2BTools 15 adds value to the latest GeneXus technology. It simplifies software development to the maximum, enabling the creation of increasingly sophisticated applications in an even simpler way.

Have at your disposal the necessary components to create GeneXus applications that will provide your users with the best user experience through attractive designs. K2BTools 15 is enhanced with the new ARIES designs.

Main Highlights:

👉New calendar control: Want to build applications that manage events, appointments, or important dates in an organized and effective way? Now, you can easily add calendar views to your entities, all in a simple and straightforward manner!

👉We continue to expand our Aries Design System family with new, fully customizable design structures.
👉Applications that need to input a phone number will benefit from the Phone input control type

👉Contextual defaults: Possibility to configure default values for fields called by the transaction. It can be integrated with filters, allowing the transaction to be instantiated with the search value. . 

👉Possibility of grouping aggregations: A common scenario is when values are aggregated with different units. This functionality allows grouping and calculating the total per unit.  

You can read the full Release notes here.

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