Fusion IT creates an efficient security and control solution for Industrial Parks together with K2BTools and GeneXus

The system developed for the Bellavista and the Zapalinamé Industrial Parks located in Mexico gained complete control of the security over the land

Fusión IT has been on the Mexican market for more than 30 years. Their objective is to improve the infrastructure of their clients through the integration of their systems in order to provide organizations with both global and modern solutions.
Maquillas Tetakawi, on the other hand, is a company which provides several services under the Shelter Program for foreign companies who want to manufacture their products in Mexico to later export them to the United States and Canada. Maquillas manages several parks, including the Bella Vista Industrial Park, the park where they have their offices and where the Zapalinamé Industrial Park is also located.
These parks have an average size of 60 hectares and receive approximately 16 thousand visits and programmed entrances a month, in addition to the employees who work on the site.
The main issue with these parks was their security because they did not have an efficient control of the access to the park, or any evidence of what was inside of the trucks coming into and exiting the park. Therefore, Fusion IT implemented a solution using K2BTools and GeneXus.
The first security system was introduced into the Bella Vista Industrial Park. The process included a Master Plan, the first stage of which was to have a quick impact on the most important problems they were facing. The project was then started: the first stage was put into production 3 months and a half after that (in July 2021). The same system was then replicated in the Zapalinamé park, where it was put into production in April of this year. The same system is expected to be put into production in the Roca Fuerte Industry Park by the end of this year.
The technology used for the systems included GX 17 and K2BTools. An environment was also created with Java Web and Mobile (Android and iOS). An external storage (Amazon S3) was also added for all multimedia elements and for the artificial intelligence required to detect plates, faces, objects, and texts.
In addition, drones were used for automated security rounds (without anyone piloting the drone).
Nowadays, every entrance and event occurring within the Industrial Parks is digitalized, and there is real-time georeferenced evidence. All residents and guards have an application which allows them to have complete control and security. The surveillance costs were reduced, and the parks gained the OAS certification.
Sergio Gazzolo, Fusion IT Director, said: “As a result of the project, we gained complete control of the entrances exits from the park, controlling permissions, evidence, and events at all times, automating the security rounds for the guards, and providing the security and operational areas of the park information in real-time.”
In addition, he added: “Any event taking place in the park is digitalized and georeferenced for future inquiries (…) In summary, we are now able to correctly control the security of the facilities in real-time.”


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