INSIS: “We managed to resolve the audit for a huge system with minimal efforts”

The Uruguayan management software company implemented K2BAudit to integrate audits at a database level in a transparent way for both the application and the developer.

INSIS is a Uruguayan company with more than 30 years of experience with software solutions for business management.

They already had access audits for the different functions in the system and audits specific to the business transactions and tasks executed by users, but they did not have any data audits.
The need for these audits arose from some of their clients who, together with the consulting and support areas, wanted an audit of the changes made to the system’s configuration.
“We managed to resolve the audit issue for a huge system - almost 1,000 tables and 28,000 objects in the KB- with minimal efforts. Developing an equivalent functionality would have meant a far higher investment of both time and money”, said Guzmán Etchebehere, the General Manager for INSIS. He also added that “the process was fairly automatic and simple”.
INSIS carried out a review of the system’s tables to define which ones needed to be audited. In addition, they customized the screens and queries for the module and adapted them to their system.


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