K2BTools SD

A tool for increased productivity
and usability in the creation of native SD apps with GeneXus.

K2BTools SD enables GeneXus developers to generate native apps with an already implemented design.

With a Dynamic Layouts catalog, users may choose from different designs to have their SDPanel already implemented on the spot.

Additionally, the K2BTools SD allows for the possibility of using the same specification language for both Web and SD, thus making it simpler for developers to learn and master the tool.


  • Adapts the screen layout and saves time spent in designing.

  • Reusable designs, and modern and innovative styles.

  • Automates functionalities and lessens development efforts.

  • Greater development productivity and quick turnaround for investments.


  • Free

    License free of charge for testing the tool. 
    This license allows you to use K2BTools SD for a 30-day period.

  • ISV

    License at a low cost for users of GeneXus ISV.
    Yearly license with limited support.

  • Standard

    Standard license with no expiry.
    Full license with no time restrictions. Unlimited support during maintenance coverage.