Verhaw develops a Help Desk solution with K2BTools and GeneXus

Sably is a Help Desk solution based on the GeneXus BPM Suite. K2B Tools was selected as a tool to boost and optimize the project’s development.

Verhaw IT is an information technology company specialized in high-fidelity solutions. They develop solutions for services, IT infrastructure, reports and data analysis, security, and the cloud.

The company decided to replace the tool they used in the on-premise model for a cloud-based solution. The goal of this change was to support the increasing volume of calls, which required a more solid customer care solution.

We completed the solution’s design, more than 350 workflows, parameterizations, and the application itself. In January 2022, the company started operating with their own cloud-based tool, and they have recorded more than 35,000 calls corresponding to 410 workflows.

If we had selected one of the traditional development tools, the number of developers and the development timelines would have been higher, resulting in higher costs!” said Paulo dos Reis, an IT consultant.

Sergio Rosa, Verhaw’s General Director, stated the following: Low-code is a global trend which offers more agility for software customizations and updates. We chose GeneXus and K2BTools because of the practicality of the workflow and the team work optimization”

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